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252 West 14th Street

Upon looking up this illegal billboard I found out something I did not know and that we should all be aware of. There have been three complaints about this billboard since 06-10-08. The first two (#1227320) stated simply that “there is an illegal billboard at this site with no permit.”. Within days the billboard had been determined to be an illegal advertisement without a permit and yet the picture in this post was taken today. The third complaint (#1237517) was made today but stated that “there is an illegal billboard in a residential neighborhood and that it’s shinning.”. The difference between the two complaints is the third has been assigned to the EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM, as opposed to the first two which are merely assigned to A SPECIAL INSPECTION UNIT. I will report back on what I assume will be a much faster response time and possibly removal of this billboard due to the addition of “residential and shinning” into the complaint.

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  1. admin | September 26, 2008 at 10:32 pm | Permalink

    Oh I can’t believe you beat me to this. I look at this one everyday!

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