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64 3rd Avenue

A complaint was made against the illegal billboard at 64 3rd avenue on 8-14-2006. On 5-16-2007 the signage was deemed illegal by the DOB and was eventually removed around 7-29-2008. Recently we have become aware of the fact that the illegal billboard has been reposted without the proper permitting less than three months after it was taken down. The only permit which would constitute a legal sign is for a painted billboard which this is clearly not. The reposting of this illegal billboard is a flagrant disregard for NYC law and should be dealt with accordingly. We have called this in and were given a new complaint number 1240188. If this is the way things are going down it should be assumed that the law does not exist.

So upon speaking to someone who knows, this is what information I could retain over a quick phone conversation. It speaks heavily to the immense difficulty the Sign Enforcement Unit has in the removal of illegal signage in New York City.

05-22-98 a request #101818507 was made to erect a 22’x19′ advertising sign

06-08-98 a permit #101818507 was issued by the DOB allowing for the billboard to be erected.

fast forward 8 years in which time we assume a billboard was erected.

08-14-06 complaint #1172652 is made, bringing the issue to light for the sign enforcement unit.

05-16-07 Permit is revoked by commissioner via complaint #1193825

05-22-07 Permit is revoked by commissioner via complaint #1194328

07-20-07 Permit is revoked by commissioner via complaint #1199298

08-66-07 Permit is revoked by commissioner via complaint #1200707

11-20-07 a request # 110027097 is made to repaint an existing grandfathered sign professionally certified by HH Building Consultants and Arch.

12-12-07 a permit # 110027097 was issued by the DOB

01-31-08 the permit was revoked by the commissioner

at this point the DOB website fails to provide any information, but we do know the sign was removed for several months between approximately 7-29-08 and 10-15-08. Suddenly this sign appeared again, and for what reasons we can only speculate. Clearly the advertisement does not conform with the painted sign permit. And yet it’s also clear the DOB is doing everything it can to fight this illegal billboard. In the meantime we watch the ad copy change month to month as the profits pile up to none of our benefit.

10-25-08 Complaint #1240188 goes in to the sign enforcement unit.

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